Competitions And Outings

The Somers Blind Pairs Competition

The Somers Blind Pairs Competition shall now be held at Lochter Trout Fishery, near Oldmeldrum on Sunday 25th August and will follow the same format as last year; meaning that it shall be a 10.00am start (lines in the water). Please arrive to give sufficient time for the administrationof paperwork to be completed.


Upon arrival, competitors shall be required to draw a number from the bag (there will be 2 sets of numbers) and in secret shall write their name on the back and shall place this number back into the bag which shall be left with the fishery management. Competitors must not divulge this number to anyone during the day. Anglers will then be required to purchase a 6 hour, 2 fish ticket.


The first 2 fish caught shall be dispatched quickly and without due suffering to the fish, these shall be weighed in and recorded. Thereafter anglers shall continue to fish using barbless or de-barbed hooks. Any fish caught and returned after the initial 2 fish shall be credited at 2 lbs per fish (regardless of size).


The anglers bag weight shall be noted and after the weighing in of all fish, the members “blind partner” shall be announced. The pairs total bag weight shall be calculated and the winning pair shall be the pair with the heaviest combined bag. In the event of a tie the winning pair shall be the pair with the heaviest individual contributing bag.


If we have sufficient numbers attending, we may be able to have a loch reserved and pegged out for our sole use. Competitors will select a peg and shall fish until advised to move 2 pegs to the right to ensure that no one competitor is sitting on a hot spot for the entire competition.


There will be a short lunch break of around 30minutes at 1pm to allow members to catch up and swap stories from the morning. Any member not wishing to stop for lunch, may continue to fish on however any fish caught during this time will not count towards the bag weight.


Please contact me directly no later than 18th August 2020 to advise if you wish to compete. I will need to have a Confirmed number of attendees for this format to work and to advise the fishery.


Costs for the day: - 6 Hour, 2 fish ticket will cost £22 plus £1 if you want to claim in the event of catching a tagged fish. Soup and a Sandwich will cost around £6, but if we give sufficient notice and if we have sufficient numbers wishing to eat there, I may be able to negotiate this down.


The winning pair shall share the main trophy and shall hold it for 5 months each. The trophy shall be returned when requested to allow suitable time for engraving for presentation at the AGM.


Please advise the Competitions Convenor of your attendance and if you would like me to investigate the Soup and Sandwich deal. Many thanks for your assistance and let's try to make this years competition as successful as last years one. Tight Lines...

John Macdonald Trophy

Rescobie Loch (Boat only) – Sunday 12th May

Forbes of Kingennie - Saturday 15th June - due to Covid-19, this competition has been cancelled in 2020.


Somers Blind Pairs

Lochter– Sunday 25th August


Bob Massie Shield

Junior Competition

Crossley – Sunday 11th August


Andy Gordon Shield

Adults Competition

Crossley- Saturday 5th September


President's Trophy

Junior Competition

Insch Fishery - Saturday 26th July

09:00 to 14:00


David's Trophy

Adults Competition

Insch Fishery - Saturday 26th July

09:00 to 14:00


Bob Dickie Cup

River Cowie - Heaviest Sea Trout - All season


Syd Horne Cup

River Cowie - Heaviest Salmon - All season


Doshie Keith Cup

Manse Pool River Cowie - Largest Fish – All season


Jim Donald Cup

Estuary Pool River Cowie - Largest Fish – All season

Finally can we take this opportunity to remind you that for the two trophies on the river Cowie (largest sea trout and largest salmon); it is your responsibility to register a claim. This can be done by either contacting a member of the committee or via the new club competitions mailbox with details of the catch (feel free to keep your fly choice and exact location a secret) and ideally with supporting photograph or witness.


Tight lines to everyone for the new season...


For further information on competitions and outings please do not hesitate to contact Chris Wink by e-mail or any other committee member.


Keep an eye on this page regularly and use our Facebook page for updates or to see any last minute changes to the venue or dates.