Membership is open to any person who is resident in the Parishes of Fetteresso, Dunnottar and Glenbervie; i.e. within a certain radius of Stonehaven. A limited number of applicants from outwith that geographical area may also be accepted on an "annual review" basis at the club's discretion, and should apply in the normal manner Read information below). To print off an application form click-here. All application forms should be submitted to the club secretary by post or e-mail; address on application form.



Category of Permit


Persons Who Are Eligible

Adult "new applicant" fee


All new applicant members

Adult "renewing member" fee


Existing adults renewing up to 31 March inclusive



Existing adults renewing from 1 - 30 April inclusive



Existing adults renewing at any time after 30 April

Guest (one-day) Permit


Bona-fide visiting guest of existing adult member

Junior member fee


All juniors, irrespective of renewal date

Life/OAP member fee


All Life members, irrespective of renewal date.

Family Permit


Contact club secretary


Visitor ticket


Adult Day


Adult Week

£ 25

Adult Fortnight

£ 45

Junior Day

£ 2

Junior Week

£ 10

Junior Fortnight

£ 15


Adult Members


Any adult (seventeen years and over) wishing to join the club should obtain an application form (either downloaded from this site or uplifted from 'The Pet Shop', 21 Cameron Street, Stonehaven 01569762082, then complete this as fully as they are able, and return it to the club secretary. The applicant will then be vetted at the next Committee Meeting and then advised in writing in due course. If accepted, each is issued with an authorisation slip to present at 'The Pet Shop', to obtain his/her permit. Existing members simply present their old permits there for renewal.


Additionally, any adult member who has not renewed for up to two years remains entitled to rejoin at the "renewing member"fee of £110-£140 (see chart above). However; any adult member whose permit has been expired for more than two years, must reapply as a new applicant. The fact that very late renewers pay more than anyone else, is a perfectly deliberate club ploy aimed at persuading our members to take advantage of these early-renewal discounts!

Junior Members


The junior member age group is 8-16 years of age inclusive. All new junior members are issued with a permit immediately upon completing and signing an application form and presenting it at 'The Pet Shop'. Since they do not have to be vetted like adult applicants, and additionally, do not require a proposer/seconder. All renewing existing juniors simply show their permit books at 'The Pet Shop', 21 Cameron Street, Stonehaven. They automatically become adult members at seventeen years of age, when existing juniors may apply to the secretary for a half-price permit in their first year as an adult.

Life Members


All life members must have attained the age of sixty-five years and have held full SDAA membership for at least five years. They must renew at 'The Pet Shop', 21 Cameron Street, Stonehaven; Tel: 01569 762082, each year to maintain membership, by presenting their previous permit books there.

Excluded Members


The club values and cares for its members. However, in the interests of accurate and meaningful catch data, any member who omits or fails to submit a completed catch-return postcard (issued each season with the Autumn Newsletter) by 30 November annually, sadly forfeits membership and is advised accordingly; as is 'The Pet Shop'. The excluded member must then go through the process of reapplying as a new applicant the following year.

Guest Permits


These one-day permits cover all the club's fishings and are solely for bona-fide visiting friends of paid-up adult members, who must accompany them at all times whilst angling. The guest tickets are available at 'The Pet Shop', 21 Cameron Street, Stonehaven, by the sponsoring member on producing his or her green permit book there.

Visitor Permits


These apply from May-September inclusive and restrict fishing to the stretch from railway viaduct to sea on the Cowie and Carron, and along the Stonehaven Bay foreshore. Like our guest permits, Visitor Permits are only for bona fide non-resident visiting anglers and are not for local folk, who must apply for a regular full permit. These visitor permits are available at the appropriate time of year at 'The Pet Shop', 21 Cameron Street, Stonehaven 01569 762082.

Discussion Forum


Please note:- We are now using Facebook and Messenger as the Discussion Forum. Please use Facebook to communicate with members or friends of the club.


If anyone wishes to have a private conversation with a particular member then please use the message facility found on the Facebook page.